Pua Aloalo is one of six species of Hibiscus native to Hawai’i.


The yellow Pua Aloalo is the State Flower however today we are featuring the beautiful white flower.  It’s delicate white petals and bright pink stamen are signature.  The width and length of the petals can vary.



These plants do well outdoors with full sun and frequent watering.  They bring a sense of cultural beauty to any outdoor space.



DIY: Air Plant in a Jar


Some of my favorite things: jars, shells, sand, plants.  Here is a super easy DIY to add some beachy earthiness to your bookcase, coffee table or kitchen.

ImageWhat you’ll need:

Clean, empty jar, glass, bottle, clear pretty container

Base – sand

Filling – shells, rocks, beach glass

Air plant


Start with your base layer.  It reminds me of making a dessert truffle, layering the cookies, crumbs, pudding, cake and basically all things delicious.  You can choose as many layers as you’d like.  Start with the smallest layering items first and work your way up.Image

Continue adding your layers until you’re just below the rim of your container.  Snuggle your air plant into the enter and you’re done!  These air plants are fairly easy to love.  If they start to look a little dry or start browning, spritz them every once in a while with some water from a spray bottle.  These are hardy, easy to make, super versatile and affordable! Enjoy!





DIY: Hand Painted Garden Rocks


With Spring in full bloom, there are flowers and herbs and the like popping up all around us.  Be creative and add touches of color, patterns and inspiration to your pots and garden alike.

2014-04-08 13.13.00What you’ll need:

smooth garden rocks

paint pens

spray clear coat

2014-04-05 10.36.29 2014-04-05 10.37.55 2014-04-05 10.37.30

Be festive and inspiring with your prints, patterns, words, colors and designs.  Carefully embellish each rock working with the contours and shape of each individual rock.  Let the rocks dry, spray with clear adhesive coat and then place around garden.

2014-04-08 13.11.582014-04-08 13.13.252014-04-08 13.13.342014-04-08 13.13.462014-04-08 13.14.34