DIY: Gold Painted Jars


My world is glass bottles & jars.  I use them for everything, put them everywhere.  I wrap them, paint them, decorate them and fill them with all kind of treasures and beautiful things.  Wanted to share a quick tutorial on how to add a little shimmer and shine to any size bottle or jar.


What you’ll need:

Assortment of clean glass jars & bottles with labels and adhesive removed

Painters tape

Gold spray paint



Tape off whatever type of design you want to create.

ImageFor the triangle shapes, place the painters tape on a cutting board, use a ruler and exact knife to get straight, even lines.



Spray your jars in a well ventilated area, let them dry, and then carefully removed the painters tape.  Fill with treasures from your garden and arrange for a pretty bit of sparkle and shine.  Using local flora and fauna give these chic containers a lovely twist of hawaiian style.





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