Shop Around The Corner: Paiko


Charming floral boutique in the middle of Kaka’ako?  Yes please!  Hello Paiko.

Paiko offers a vast array of plants, flowers, pots, planters, tiny plastic jungle animals, crystals, books and dare we say a lovely cup of coffee!?!  Paiko shares a space with Arvo – a sweet  little coffee bar that whips up a mean (and gorgeous) latte and yummy loaded avo toast!

2016-08-25 20.20.02Pick and choose your stems to customize a bouquet or arrangement, build your own terrarium or sign up for any of their workshops- including Flower Crowns!

2016-08-25 19.58.19

Paiko is a breath of fresh air in the middle of Kaka’ako. Bright, colorful, local.  Just how we like it.  Our little partner in crime likes it too!


675 Auahi Street

Monday  – Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday 10:00 – 4:00pm



Shop Around The Corner: Birch & Bone


2016-05-22 21.52.09

Theatre ticket booth by night, hippest floral shop by day….that’s Birch & Bone.  The Theatre at Ace Hotel, also known as The United Artists Theater was built in 1927.  It has featured numerous musical acts, comedians and the likes over the years.  It’s gorgeous decor and detailing are enough to leave you in awe after entering the lobby alone.  We could go on and on, alas, we digress.

This ticket cubby turned flower cubby offers a wide variety of colorful floral stylings including a very chic DIY Terrarium Bar. It’s the perfect pinch of color & vibrancy in the middle of S Broadyway, #DTLA.

2016-05-22 21.51.32


Ace Hotel / 929 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

Open Wednesday – Sunday

Monday – Tuesday Closed



DIY: Shibori Tea Towels

DIY Shibori tutorial #hawaiianstylehale

DIY Shibori tutorial #hawaiianstylehale

2015-11-21 19.26.21

Shibori is a time honored tradition in Japanese culture of textiles being intricately prepared for indigo colored dye baths through various types of resist techniques including wood planks, round pipe shaped objects and twine wrapping.  The masters of this craft vary from traditional artisans learning from generations before, to modern day artists researching, experimenting and learning on their own.  This tutorial is simple, easy way using the work Shibori in it’s simplest translation.  The time, dedication and effort put forth by those who truly study and work to master these techniques (the same for any medium) deserves the appropriate respect and honor.  That being said, this tutorial is a very simple process to create beautiful, tea towels.

What you’ll need:

White tea towels


Dye (we used RIT Royal Blue & Aquamarine)

Rubber gloves

Plastic buckets



2015-11-21 19.31.33

2015-11-21 19.30.35

There are several ways to prepare the towels for the dye resist.  We stuck to two of the more simple yet ultimately gorgeous styles –

1) Accordion fold the towel (anywhere from 1-2 inch folds) all from top to bottom creating a long strip, then accordion fold lengthwise until you have a rectangular ‘stack’ of a towel. Wrap the rubber bands around the towel using as many, or as few as you’d like.  The more rubber bands you use, the more white you’ll have remaining on your finished towel.  The rubber bands should be somewhat secure to resist the dye.

2015-11-21 19.24.20

2) The second method we used was literally a ‘kapakahi’ (anykine) method.  Scrunch the towel up in a ball  and wrap as many rubber bands around the ball as you’d like.

Follow the instructions and prepare your days bath. The RIT dye suggests adding salt for cotton fabrics.  Quickly dampen your rubber banded towels before submerging them in the dye bath.  The Aquamarine dye seemed to take a lot quicker than the Royal Blue did.  Let the towels site for anywhere between 30 -60 minutes depending on how dark you want your final color.  Keep in mind the final product will be lighter than when you first pull it out of the dye.

2015-11-21 19.32.23

Once your dye time is up, rubber gloves on, rinse the towels until the water runs clear.  Now comes my favorite part- slowly wring out any excess water, unwrap each of the towels and hang to dry.  Each is towel is a unique creation and I want to say it’s almost fool proof.  We unwrapped each one to oohing and aahing as they were all so pretty!

2015-11-21 19.34.06

We let them air dry, ran them through the washer with no detergent and then dryer dried them.  Our front yard looked like a folk concert / market and was so pretty!  These were so much fun to make with girlfriends!  Kids can help too!  Wrap them up or use them as wrapping, half the fun is sharing your stunning creations! Enjoy!

2015-11-21 19.33.162015-11-21 19.35.41

DIY: Fall Plant Stakes


DIY Fall Plant Stakes :: #hawaiianstylehale

Here’s a festive, inexpensive way to get into the Fall spirit.

What you’ll need:

Printable ombre words (Download here: thankful, blessed, fall )


Double sided tape

Gold paint pen

DIY Fall Plant Stakes :: #hawaiianstylehale

DIY Fall Plant Stakes :: #hawaiianstylehaleColor/paint all of the skewers gold in color.  Situate the circles at the top of each skewer (one on each side) and secure with double sided tape.

DIY Fall Plant Stakes :: #hawaiianstylehale

DIY Fall Plant Stakes :: #hawaiianstylehale

DIY Fall Plant Stakes :: #hawaiianstylehale

Happy Fall!!

Printable: Hawaiian Style Hale Recipe Cards


2014-09-02 11.48.52 With all the technology available, there are a few things we like to do the old school way. Filing recipes is one of them! If you’ve got butter fingers like yours truly, all electronic devices should remain far, far away from the kitchen rather than front and center in the confetti of flour and coconut.

2014-08-25 19.38.52

2014-08-25 19.36.46

There is something nostalgic about a hand written recipe. Whether it was passed down from your mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, it’s a piece of history that you can recreate. Grandma’s andagi. Aunty’s chicken long rice. Mom’s legendary pumpkin crunch. Whatever it is, let’s keep these tasty memories going for generations to come.

2014-08-25 19.35.37

2014-08-25 19.37.47

Print them up for your own use, or as a gift. Handwrite some of your own special recipes for a new bride or a include in a gift basket along with the ingredients needed. Most importantly, do all your cooking with aloha and your kitchen will always be blessed.  Find the free download here! Recipe Cards 3×5

2014-08-25 19.41.05

2014-08-25 19.31.02

DIY: Driftwood Mobile


2014-05-22 09.14.15 copyThis simple and beachy DIY mobile is so easy and is a great way to display a collection of drift wood or other found beach treasures.

What you’ll need:

Several pieces of drift wood, any shape or length under about 9in

Fishing line, anything over 20lb test

Drill or dremel

Starfish, or any item you’d like to finish your mobile with

DIY: Drift Wood Mobile #hawaiianstylehale

Collect and sort your drift wood.  I arranged this one with the longest up top, tapering down with the shortest last.

DIY: Drift Wood Mobile #hawaiianstylehale

Drill holes in the center of each piece of wood.  The drift wood is fairly soft and will drill easily. I used 2 turquoise beads about an inch long to act as the stopper at the bottom of the mobile.  Attached whatever you’re using as the stopper and then begin stringing your wood pieces from smallest to largest.

DIY: Drift Wood Mobile #hawaiianstylehale

DIY: Drift Wood Mobile #hawaiianstylehaleOnce you’re done stringing your wood lengths, secure the top of the mobile by tying a knot in the fishing line.  With a small drill bit, or even a thick needle, create a hole in the top of the starfish or other item you’re using at the bottom of your mobile.  I used thinner fishing line to attach it to the bottom.

DIY: Drift Wood Mobile #hawaiianstylehale

Using a drywall anchor and hook, position and secure mobile.

DIY: Drift Wood Mobile #hawaiianstylehale

DIY: Drift Wood Mobile #hawaiianstylehale

DIY: Drift Wood Mobile #hawaiianstylehale

DIY: Air Plant in a Jar


Some of my favorite things: jars, shells, sand, plants.  Here is a super easy DIY to add some beachy earthiness to your bookcase, coffee table or kitchen.

ImageWhat you’ll need:

Clean, empty jar, glass, bottle, clear pretty container

Base – sand

Filling – shells, rocks, beach glass

Air plant


Start with your base layer.  It reminds me of making a dessert truffle, layering the cookies, crumbs, pudding, cake and basically all things delicious.  You can choose as many layers as you’d like.  Start with the smallest layering items first and work your way up.Image

Continue adding your layers until you’re just below the rim of your container.  Snuggle your air plant into the enter and you’re done!  These air plants are fairly easy to love.  If they start to look a little dry or start browning, spritz them every once in a while with some water from a spray bottle.  These are hardy, easy to make, super versatile and affordable! Enjoy!





DIY: Gold Painted Jars


My world is glass bottles & jars.  I use them for everything, put them everywhere.  I wrap them, paint them, decorate them and fill them with all kind of treasures and beautiful things.  Wanted to share a quick tutorial on how to add a little shimmer and shine to any size bottle or jar.


What you’ll need:

Assortment of clean glass jars & bottles with labels and adhesive removed

Painters tape

Gold spray paint



Tape off whatever type of design you want to create.

ImageFor the triangle shapes, place the painters tape on a cutting board, use a ruler and exact knife to get straight, even lines.



Spray your jars in a well ventilated area, let them dry, and then carefully removed the painters tape.  Fill with treasures from your garden and arrange for a pretty bit of sparkle and shine.  Using local flora and fauna give these chic containers a lovely twist of hawaiian style.





DIY: Hand Painted Garden Rocks


With Spring in full bloom, there are flowers and herbs and the like popping up all around us.  Be creative and add touches of color, patterns and inspiration to your pots and garden alike.

2014-04-08 13.13.00What you’ll need:

smooth garden rocks

paint pens

spray clear coat

2014-04-05 10.36.29 2014-04-05 10.37.55 2014-04-05 10.37.30

Be festive and inspiring with your prints, patterns, words, colors and designs.  Carefully embellish each rock working with the contours and shape of each individual rock.  Let the rocks dry, spray with clear adhesive coat and then place around garden.

2014-04-08 13.11.582014-04-08 13.13.252014-04-08 13.13.342014-04-08 13.13.462014-04-08 13.14.34

Aloha & Welcome


Aloha friends!  Welcome to my musings on living in Hawaii, home decorating with a Hawaiian flair, DIYing with a local Hawaiian influence and random thoughts on all things Hawaiian (or mostly Hawaiian).  Born and raised  in the islands, living on O’ahu, helping families through the buying and selling process as a full time real estate agent and living each day grateful for the opportunity to be here, now. Welcome to Hawaiian Style Hale!