Shop Around The Corner: Paiko


Charming floral boutique in the middle of Kaka’ako?  Yes please!  Hello Paiko.

Paiko offers a vast array of plants, flowers, pots, planters, tiny plastic jungle animals, crystals, books and dare we say a lovely cup of coffee!?!  Paiko shares a space with Arvo – a sweet  little coffee bar that whips up a mean (and gorgeous) latte and yummy loaded avo toast!

2016-08-25 20.20.02Pick and choose your stems to customize a bouquet or arrangement, build your own terrarium or sign up for any of their workshops- including Flower Crowns!

2016-08-25 19.58.19

Paiko is a breath of fresh air in the middle of Kaka’ako. Bright, colorful, local.  Just how we like it.  Our little partner in crime likes it too!


675 Auahi Street

Monday  – Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday 10:00 – 4:00pm



Shop Around The Corner: Birch & Bone


2016-05-22 21.52.09

Theatre ticket booth by night, hippest floral shop by day….that’s Birch & Bone.  The Theatre at Ace Hotel, also known as The United Artists Theater was built in 1927.  It has featured numerous musical acts, comedians and the likes over the years.  It’s gorgeous decor and detailing are enough to leave you in awe after entering the lobby alone.  We could go on and on, alas, we digress.

This ticket cubby turned flower cubby offers a wide variety of colorful floral stylings including a very chic DIY Terrarium Bar. It’s the perfect pinch of color & vibrancy in the middle of S Broadyway, #DTLA.

2016-05-22 21.51.32


Ace Hotel / 929 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

Open Wednesday – Sunday

Monday – Tuesday Closed



Maui Nui Botanical Gardens


Had a chance to rediscover the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens this past weekend as they hosted their annual native Hawaiian plant sale.  Lots to learn and lots of lovely photo ops as well!

2015-08-29 18.35.36

What a great place whose mission it to “protect Maui Nui’s rich native plants and cultural history”.  They offer self guided or docent led group tours.  It’s a magical garden filled with lots native and polynesian introduced plants.  Learn about how they grow, their unique and individual characteristics and their importance in the Hawaiian culture yesterday and today.

2015-08-29 18.39.48

2015-08-29 18.36.27 2015-08-29 18.37.57 2015-08-29 18.38.34 2015-08-29 18.39.08 2015-08-29 18.40.18


150 Kanaloa Avenue, Kahului, HI 96732

Open Monday – Saturday, 8:00am – 4:00pm



Pua Aloalo is one of six species of Hibiscus native to Hawai’i.


The yellow Pua Aloalo is the State Flower however today we are featuring the beautiful white flower.  It’s delicate white petals and bright pink stamen are signature.  The width and length of the petals can vary.



These plants do well outdoors with full sun and frequent watering.  They bring a sense of cultural beauty to any outdoor space.



FRESH: ‘Ekaha Fern


The ‘ekaha, also known as asplenium nidus or bird’s nest fern is indigenous to Hawai’i.  It’s a great addition to any shaded or partially sunny area, also does well indoors. Can be grown in hanging pots and can thrive well in crevices of rocks, walls or trees.


FRESH: Kupukupu Fern


Kupukupu is a fern indigenous to Hawai’i.  It can survive in a variety of conditions from the dry lava fields to the wet forestlands of most tropical climates. It varies in color from light to dark shades of green. Its fronds are sturdy and strong yet detailed and dainty offering texture and personality to any environment it finds itself in.


This fern is a great house warming gift and can thrive indoors under the right conditions.  Not only does it bring a a charming tropical green indoors, it also help purify the air in your home.


Hawaiians believe that the kupukupu fern is also symbolic of growth and new beginnings.  With each new frond comes new opportunity, new experiences, and a fresh start.