Shop Around The Corner: Paiko


Charming floral boutique in the middle of Kaka’ako? ¬†Yes please! ¬†Hello Paiko.

Paiko offers a vast array of plants, flowers, pots, planters, tiny plastic jungle animals, crystals, books and dare we say a lovely cup of coffee!?!  Paiko shares a space with Arvo Рa sweet  little coffee bar that whips up a mean (and gorgeous) latte and yummy loaded avo toast!

2016-08-25 20.20.02Pick and choose your stems to customize a bouquet or arrangement, build your own terrarium or sign up for any of their workshops- including Flower Crowns!

2016-08-25 19.58.19

Paiko is a breath of fresh air in the middle of Kaka’ako. Bright, colorful, local. ¬†Just how we like it. ¬†Our little partner in crime likes it too!


675 Auahi Street

Monday  РSaturday 10:00am Р6:00pm

Sunday 10:00 – 4:00pm



DIY: Air Plant in a Jar


Some of my favorite things: jars, shells, sand, plants.  Here is a super easy DIY to add some beachy earthiness to your bookcase, coffee table or kitchen.

ImageWhat you’ll need:

Clean, empty jar, glass, bottle, clear pretty container

Base – sand

Filling – shells, rocks, beach glass

Air plant


Start with your base layer. ¬†It reminds me of making a dessert truffle, layering the cookies, crumbs, pudding, cake and basically all things delicious. ¬†You can choose as many layers as you’d like. ¬†Start with the smallest layering¬†items first and work your way up.Image

Continue adding your layers until you’re just below the rim of your container. ¬†Snuggle your air plant into the enter and you’re done! ¬†These air plants are fairly easy to love. ¬†If they start to look a little dry or start browning, spritz them every once in a while with some water from a spray bottle. ¬†These are hardy, easy to make, super versatile and affordable! Enjoy!